Audric Chevalier

A hume dark knight hailing from the Imperial City of Archades.


Audric Chevalier
level 1 hume Dark Knight

HP: 24/Surges: 10/Surge Value: 9
AC: 17/Fort: 16/Ref: 14/Will: 13

STR: 18
CON: 12
DEX: 10
INT: 16
WIS: 8
CHA: 12

Trained Skills:
Arcana +8, Athletics +9, Bluff +6, History +8, Intimidate +6.

Heavy Blade Expertise, Swift Recovery

Scale armor, greatsword, knight sword, handaxe

At-Will Powers:

Encounter Powers:

Daily Powers:

Basic Attacks:
Greatsword: + 8/1d12 + 8
Knight sword: + 7/1d10 + 8
Handaxe: + 7/1d6 + 7


Name: Audric Chevalier
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Age: 21
Birthplace: Archades
Current Residence: Nalbina Fortress

Main Job: Dark Knight
Sub Job: N/A
Occupation: Mercenary

Physical Description: Audric is a tall hume of average build, though this belies his actual physical strength. He has long brown hair with a tuft of white in the front and is often seen wearing his black scale armor armed to the teeth with an assortment of weapons.
Goals & Ambitions: Audric’s main goal is to simply make enough money to get by.
Fears: Moogles.
Personality: Audric comes across as cocky and overly confident, however he knows the right time to be serious. He tries to live life by his own personal code of standards, having shunned the Church and Imperial law.
Quirks & Disabilities: Though Audric appears to be largely self-serving, in truth he cannot bear to see true evil go unpunished. His cocky demeanor also tends to land him in his fair share of brawls.

Family Background: The Chevaliers are a long line of knights loyal to the Archadian Empire. His father, Gustave, served as an Imperial Judge for over 20 years. His mother, Olivia (nee Severin), was a minor noble who came from a long line of scholars and mages.
Personal History: When Audric turned 13 he was enlisted in the Imperial Academy at Rabanastre to train to serve his country as a knight. However, his grandfather on his mother’s side, Thibault, was once a skilled black mage who taught Audric how to harness dark magic. When Audric left the Imperial army to forge his own path, Gustave cut him off and forbid the rest of the family from contacting him. He has since moved the small town surrounding the Nalbina Fortress, working as a small-time mercenary and monster hunter.

Audric Chevalier

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