Derek Hoegs


Level 1 Ninja
HP: 26 Surge: 9 Surge Value: 6
AC: 15 Fort 14 Ref 15 Will 14


Trained Skills- Acrobatics +8, Perception +6, Dungeoneering +6, Stealth +8, Streetwise +5

Two weapon Fighting; Light Blade Expertise

Items Wakizashi x2, Shuriken x20, Leather Armor- Style, Ninja, Dark Blue and Black

1-Yonin At-Will ~Stance (Minor Action)
-Gain +2 bonus to movement speed
-Gain +1 bonus to AC
-Cannot make Opportunity Attacks
1-Innin At-Will ~Stance (Minor Action)
-Gain +1 Power bonus to basic attack rolls
-Gain +2 bonus to damage against enemies granting combat advantage
1-Blade Retsu At-Will ~Ki*Weapon*Melee (Free Action)
[Trigger] Hit with Basic melee attack [Target] One creature
[DEX vs AC]
1[W] + DEX mod
1-Blade Jin Encounter ~Ki*Weapon*Melee
[Trigger] Hit with Blade-Retsu [Target] One creature
[DEX vs AC]
1[W] + DEX mod
1-Kurayami Daily ~Ki*Implement*Range 20 (Standard)
[Target] One Creature
[Dex vs Will] 3D6 + Dex + Int, the target is blinded (save ends).
1-Attack Finesse Use Dex on basic attacks with light blades
1-Cunning Mind Use Int to determine Will Defence


Appearance;Derek is 5’-9’’. Brown eyes, and Black hair-short. Thin and not Muscular, but his body is toned. He has Dark Blue and Black leather Armour covering his body.

Personality Derek is honest, well spoken, and rather quiet. He is very strategic in all of his thoughts, in and out of battle. Derek does not believe in “mindless” violence, rather in justification and order. In some cases, he imposes his moral view point onto situations, and takes “Matters in his own hands” to better the world he lives in, and to improve the lives of those around him.

Quote “I have never killed a man, and never will, but rather I restore the balance of this world.”

Derek Hoegs

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