Mogamum Mogteronaurus

A young Moogle with an unquenchable thirst for power


Mogamum Mogteronaurus
Level 1 Moogle Summoner

HP: 29/ Bloodied: 14/ Surges: 7/ Surge Value: 7
AC: 16/ Fort: 11/ Ref: 14/ Will: 16

Str: 8
Con: 12
Dex: 10
Int: 18
Wis: 18
Cha: 12

Trained Skills:
Nature +9, Perception +9, Arcana +11, History +11

Unarmored Defense

Racial Abilities
Winged Step
Duck Out

Wizards robe and hat, staff, pipe



Back Story
Mogamum was born in the forests surrounding the once great village of Madain Sari, long after it had been destroyed by Garland for fear of the power harnessed by the summoner tribe which resided there. Learning from their forefather’s mistakes, the latest generation of summoners have chosen to reside deep into the forests, far away from those who would deem their practices dark or evil. There they study the nature of their planet through rituals and herb collecting, and steadily pursue power though summoning and collecting spirits.

Mogamum was introduced to the summoning arts at a very young age and it was not long before he saw such magic as the easiest path to great power. However, Mogamum was never satisfied with the petty creatures he was restricted to conjuring, as he was not old enough to control the stronger, more daunting creatures which only the masters of his tribe were permitted to harness. So, one fateful day, Mogamum sneaked into his master’s study, stole the mighty Esper glyphs from their possession and fled from his village, never to return!

Mogamum has journeyed far and wide in his own pursuit of great power, with the helpful aid of his harnessed Espers. He is extremely curious and jumps at any opportunity to discover something new, or acquire some new source of power. Mogamum is often too eager to put his destructive arsenal to use, and is happiest when his Espers are let loose upon an unsuspecting village while he can sit back and gather in the hellish glory from afar.

Mogamum is a child and acts like one. He never learned to share, and seems to be stuck in the “Mine” phase. Mogamum throws tantrums whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, which usually turn into Esper tantrums. What does seem to calm Mogamum down is his faithful pipe, used by his village masters in order to “see” spirits, although Mogamum tends to think it makes him look grown up.

Mogamum Mogteronaurus

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