Scorned by his people, he roams the plains.


Level 1 Garif Samurai

HP: 31/Surges: 12/Surge Value: 7
AC: 19/Fort: 14/Ref: 14/Will: 13

STR: 17
CON: 16
DEX: 13
INT: 10
WIS: 15
CHA: 8

Trained Skills:
Athletics +8, Endurance +10, Perception +9

Armor Finesse
Benefit: You ignore the check penalty for wearing armor.

Plate armor, Katana

At-Will Powers:

Encounter Powers:
Lv1-Hobaku: Whenever you hit an enemy with zanshin, the target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Daily Powers:

Misc. Level Benefits
Lv1-Bushido: You gain a +1 bonus to AC and Reflex while wielding a katana.

Basic Attacks:
Katana: +6/1d12, 4 Damage


Wegnelu served in his tribe as a hunter/gatherer to bring back hides and fresh meat. Same routine every day. He knew there was more out there for him, but he always kept that to himself because he was taught that anything not of the tribe is considered crazy talk. When he was out hunting he met with an adventurer clad in strange armor that most humes around his region had not worn. He also noticed that he wielded a long, thin blade. He watched from afar as he saw him cut down his foes, a band of thieves. Fluid in his movement, and sleek in his style the adventurer sheathed his curved sword and proceeded to retrieve the stolen goods. Wegnelu approached the man as he was sifting through the goods and asked him to be his master. At this point, he knew that there would be no going back if the adventurer had accepted. The man stood up with his back still turned. Within a blink of an eye, Wegnelu found himself with the man’s blade at his neck. He then asked, “Are you willing to live by this blade? Fall on this blade?” Wegnelu attempted to keep his calm and answered him, “If it means my life, yes, I am prepared.” The man replied, “Good, then I shall teach you.” The years following, he spent his life as an apprentice following this man. Then one day, his master vanished, leaving a blade behind with a note on the hilt saying, “When you are prepared, your final test will be within.” Grabbing a hold of his new blade he ventured forth, taking himself where the wind guided him.

Physical Description: Wegnelu is a very tall Garif with a wide girth. At first glance, one would not suspect him to be a garif for two reasons: (1) the garif do not stray away from their tribes, and (2) his mask blends into the eastern-style plate he’s wearing. His voice is also quite deep, but soft. His red/black/gold armor is adorned with symbols painted with white paint, possibly signifying hunted marks?
Goals & Ambitions: Wegnelu’s goal is to find his final test, and in the meantime, hone his skills through combat opportunities.
Fears: His former tribesmen.
Personality: Wegnelu comes off distant and cold due to his lack of being able to communicate well with other races. Most often in conversation with him, you will find him pointing out rather obvious statements or answering rhetorical questions.
Quirks & Disabilities: His inability to communicate makes it very difficult to understand what’s going on in his mind. He also doesn’t understand the concept of telling the truth with tact.


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